• "High Quality Analogue Mastering"
  • "Coloured Vinyl Available"

About Us

XL operates Australia's premier disc mastering studio and provides stamper services to pressing plants worldwide.

Our aim is to assist our customers - artists, labels, producers and pressing plants in making the highest quality records possible.

With a fully experienced and skilled team from the heyday of the vinyl record format, we already have the technical know how and expertise to provide the services offered and we won't use you for training.

Record Pressing

We can organise record pressing as required.

 All Formats but just to be sure let's spell them out.:

7", 10" and 12" records in retail-ready packages.

Picture Discs - 7" and 12"

A full range of coloured vinyl options including splatter, mulit-colour, half-and-half, etc.

Anyting you can imagine, we can do. Feel free to ask.